Eastergard HVAC Service & Repair

The Best Service Technicians in the Business

At Eastergard HVAC, we are the Greenville, SC area's choice for service and repair on home heating and air conditioning systems. We have  the best certified service technicians in the business, which is why we  back all of our work with a 100% guarantee.

If you are having problems with your gas  furnace, air conditioning or heat pump, give us a call to schedule a technician out to your home.

Below is more information about our Air Conditioning, Furnace and Heat Pump Repair & Service:

Air Conditioning Repair

At Eastergard HVAC, we know just how unbearable the heat in the Greenville, SC Area can be. That’s why we want your home’s air conditioning unit to be functioning properly. Whether you have a problem that you want to be solved now or just want to do preventative maintenance, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your HVAC service or repair in the Greenville, SC area.

    • All services carried out by Eastergard’s highly-trained service technicians

    • All Leading Brands of Heating & Cooling Systems Serviced

    • Air Conditioning & Heating System Parts, Labor, & Service Guaranteed 100%

    • Cost Efficient HVAC System Installations

    • Fast, Reliable & Trusted Air Conditioning & Heating System Repairs, Service & Installation

Furnace Repair

Having trouble with your furnace? Heating service & repairs are a necessity when outdoor temperatures are plummeting and your furnace or heating system breaks down. We offer complete HVAC services in Greenville, SC Area. Contact us immediately if you notice poor performance, uneven heating, or even a rise in your utility bills. Whether your furnace isn’t generating enough heat or you’re hearing an unusual noise, we can help. We can help with anything from a complete system breakdown to even the smallest issue with a unit. 

Routine maintenance visits may help to reduce energy costs, but if you have a system that has dropped significantly in efficiency over the years, you may want to consider replacement. We can help you find a unit that actually lowers costs significantly from month to month.

Heat Pump Repair

Eastergard HVAC offers experienced Heat Pump service and repair. Whatever your heat pump needs, we're prepared to address the problem.

 A heat pump is an air conditioner that can reverse its process by absorbing heat from outside and then transferring that heat through the refrigerant lines to the indoor coil installed with your furnace. The heat is then released into your duct system by air flowing over the heated coil.

If you notice any of the following occurring with your Heat Pump call a professional immediately: 

• The outdoor unit is not running at all

• The thermostat isn’t working properly

• There is a problem with refrigerant flow (you may have a leak)

• Ice/frost remains on the unit for over half a day

• You haven’t had annual heat pump maintenance